Loud Grind
01 May 2015 | Rock

When childhood friends; Monte McConnell, Rob Richman and Ty Stevens met on the schoolyard of Hollywood’s Laurel Elementary – No one could have guessed that years later, collectively, they would have would have been responsible for touring, writing, producing and contributing to selling millions of records for some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Cynics say, “The music business is dead”.  These three artists may agree to varying degrees with this statement but they make it abundantly clear that they play music for the love of music not the love of the business.

After recording Drums, Bass and Guitar for a friends’ record in 2012, the three old friends decided to meet at Bitemark Studio in Hollywood and share some old memories, laughter, music and sushi.  The musical chemistry was instant.  The art that each member brings is thoughtful, explosive, provocative, tasteful and like a puzzle piece – essential.

Monte McConnell’s style of drumming is energetic, intricate and impressive.  Being the son of a touring musician the groundwork was laid long before he even picked up a pair of sticks.  Monte is a musical sponge – His influences range from James Brown to Afro-Cuban to Led Zeppelin to Jazz.  The care and power is evident in every beat.

Rob Richman took a page out of John Lennon’s book and decided to express himself as an artist as well as a musician.  Rob’s bass playing ability is intuitive and creative.  Seemingly effortless – but far from – To be able to lay a foundation with unwavering time and melodies – Technique and a strong “true north” must be present.  Rob’s influences are taken from the greats – Tony Levin, Paul McCartney, Derek Smalls, John Paul Jones and Jaco.

Ty Stevens uses his guitar and his pedal effects with great skill to create his sound.  Surprising and appropriate are words that best describe his playing.  Ty has the ability to find guitar parts that elevate a song to the next level.  Ty’s singing is emotional and honest – the feelings that are brought on by his vocals are in perfect harmony with the lyric he is singing.  Guitar influences include Hendrix, The Edge and Jimmy Page.  Vocally, his influences are Chris Cornell, Prince and Bono.

When these three talents combine they create a rhythmic power infused with intimacy, a strong musical sensibility (without losing one gram of creativity) and the gift of great, memorable songs.

Loud Grind will be creating and recording as much music as humanly possible for the love of the music regardless where the business goes…